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Boundary Marking in Gatineau in and Around Gatineau

If you have any doubts about the limits of a property or if you have a dispute with your neighbour about them, you should call a land surveyor. This is also advisable if you wish to erect a wall or plant a hedge at the property boundary, for example. The professionals at Michel Fortin A.G. Inc. take care of staking or boundary marking in Gatineau and throughout the Outaouais region, in strict compliance with the measurements indicated on the cadastre or title deed. For a professional service, trust your surveyors!


This term refers to the operations carried out by the surveyor, by which he gives his opinion on the limits of a plot of land. These are materialized by staking marks. Governed by the “Regulation respecting standards of practice for staking and layout” of the Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec (L.R.Q., c.A-23, r.11 - see OAGQ site), the staking certificate is valid for the sole benefit of the applicant.

Boundary marking (Bornage)

Unlike staking, boundary marking permanently and irrevocably establishes the boundary between two properties. This operation is often carried out in the event of a dispute between neighbours as to the "boundary" between the two properties. Boundary marking can be done amicably or ordered by a court of law. Boundary marking operations are governed by articles 977 and 978 of the Civil Code of Quebec and by articles 469 to 475 of the Code of Civil Procedure of Quebec.

The act of demarcation gives the land surveyor full latitude to act as a public officer and expert of the Court. As such, he is empowered to investigate and to summon witnesses.

At the end of his work, the land surveyor issues a reasoned opinion as to the boundary he considers the most appropriate.

The land surveyor sets the boundaries and draws up the boundary report which is signed by the parties and himself. The minutes of the boundary settlement are then published at the Bureau de la publicité des droits and are binding on the parties and their successors.

If there is a dispute, the matter may be brought before a judge of the Superior Court.

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