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Precision Surveying Services in Gatineau and Surrounding Areas

Land use planning is an area that often requires the skills of land surveyors. To meet all your needs, Michel Fortin A.G. Inc. takes charge of your construction surveying operations, the installation of structures or land surveying by drone. We also perform volumetric calculations and elevation measurements. Thanks to extensive studies and many years of experience in the field, our team of experienced surveyors is able to provide precision surveying services in Gatineau and throughout the Outaouais region. If you have any questions about your project or to obtain a free quote, contact Michel Fortin A.G. Inc. as soon as possible!

Land Use Planning

Land use planning and local development is the field of predilection of land surveyors, who are first-rate advisers for this type of project. Their skills enable them to carry out numerous operations, including:

  The establishment of field surveys
 Cadastral research
  Analysis of property titles
  Preparation of maps and plans

These are used to clearly illustrate the elements of the development plan, including:

  Urbanization zones
  Agricultural areas
  Flood-prone areas
  Major land uses
  Local and regional transport structures


This term refers to all operations carried out by a land surveyor to determine the altitude or elevation* of landmarks, points or structures in relation to a reference surface. This process is carried out by measuring successive differences in level, known as "height differences".

* The altitude is determined in relation to the mean sea level, the elevation is given with reference to another surface.

Our Land Surveyors Are Here for You!

Here you will find information and links concerning cadastre, demarcation or surveying.

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